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Wed 8th November 2023 business dairy post

Posted on


Hello.again about time I wrote on here again been a few days of ill health now this is one of the better days 

Quora is my home from home really am always on there answering questions it's one of the platforms I started on trying to attract an audience which I now know that I wasted a lot of time on really waiting for them to come to me with just my odd posts of content 

Really no direction no foundation too my website has been around for years just not doing me much good a wasted space really till now am on with a plan at last to get it up and running build my foundation as there's none 

Back to the drawing board 


Who is my audience who am I writing for which one I have too many things in the go at once I know I need to double down on one just that's the issue which one 

Do I go into giving my journey into the various stages of what I've been through so I can pass it on or help people I thought I was helping people just for ages now it's just the ones who are copying of me that's all funny how they see me as someone to copy I find that quite funny! Actually! Can they see something am not ? Yeah they can am getting some results just not the ones am seeing or wanting at all.  Like before earlier on there with the narcissistic posts they tag me in all the time the troll community I have over my lifetime had over three psychologists diagnosing testing medical history evaluations one on myself, after the school's one for special needs plus a educational one for my daughters educational one too so that's over a year and a half of testing all together so you may think I would have been told that's the facts here just they continue this line of questions.  Just as you do a tiny fraction better than methey have done down on you like a ton of bricks.  They don't leave you alone the biggest sign you're on to something your own trolls out at you daily.  Am sure they do it on purpose too to put you off and carry on copying your stuff.  The worst is the platforms know about it and do little to stop it.  Creators good quality ones not going to stay around where they let it happen.  This is one big use for AI to stamp this out. The sooner it gets real the better. The fake name accounts the trolls can be under wraps I can see why it's best to go under a pay wall at least you get a bit off the ones that copy your work while they plod away.At under demeaning you daily.  It's takes it toll on normal days let alone in not so good days just you know not to give up! 

Maybe one person will learn something from this pressure we put ourselves under all because I did well on one space in my self junkies time they won't let it go.  I have more copying then the average person so someone is listening and taking notice yeah to take it as their own.  My own time of really facing dog eat dog tactics of others turned back on us human behaviour at its worst. 

Am more into giving credit where it's due 

I've always seen where we learn off each other's perspective ideas and bounce of them must admit I love single white female that film was one that studden me watching it now am subject it at least daily well known people too.  Am just a ordinary person too. That likes finding solutions to every day problems people ones like human development. I find it fascinating always have that's not going to change I've been into changing human behaviour for a long long time most of my life I've been working on stuff deciding whether it's useful has took a age and a half to see especially as I have been doing a bit here a bit there nothing consistent expect showing up on quora which I am not giving up.

I will find a way 

If it's the last thing I do! Ha ha am kind of a crazy tunes type of character just more the tortoise type that slows observes till I am ready to take action !

So here goes if you do get anything out of this please do get in touch I do need some links on the missing parts please do contact me over here 

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