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Getting back to drawing

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My first drawing

After over 20 years without drawing

life just got in the way

and took over with a life of arty farty, and who do they think they are, wanting a different lifestyle

something else has kept coming back in my thoughts for years 

but I have a deep-seated "not good enough" vibe

and along with can't stand my photo being taken I don't really like putting my art or myself out in public 

I've watched from the sidelines for many years

I know I have a bit of talent in drawing

a bit ok and I am good enough

I have a big creativity gene in my DNA and its been dying to be let loose for years

I often watch my granddaughter just enjoy life, its fun, its exciting, 

and she just gets up and does it again 

loving life 

that's what I want!

And think you do too!

so just start with anything you want

whatever your're passionate about

that's been hiding in you and dying to get out

"Let it Go!" 

and enjoy 

celebrate being you!

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