I would love to think of Kaz's Art as a fun online store with a friendly and reliable face working behind the counter. I especially enjoy picking meaningful items to compliment your style.

I am committed to customer satisfaction doing the best I can

All orders are carefully packed and shipped to you from Millom 

Please feel free to contact me at any time [email protected]

The background 

Its been such a long time since I picked up a pencil, or brush, can't believe its been over 20 years, a lack of confidence and life just got in the way.

Am hoping my creativity will just come back to me, like riding a bike. 

As kids we just loved to be drawing, painting, colouring and making crafts, even made my own clothes at one point, anything creative, expressing ourselves

It just came out natural then, fun, easy, and just doing what you feel like, when you felt like it.

Actually being present and enjoying the moment.

Growing old, raising a family, life stresses, taking life too seriously, daily routines, all get in the way of life and living sometimes don't you feel?

It's now our time!

time to explore, discover new things or just learning, improving, and even giving each other inspiration, just being ourselves again creating happily, and living in the moment more.

My interest for business, came from 12 years in Admin/Finance and I appreciate all I learnt there, from the inside out, it gave me the opportunity to learn from all aspects of running a non profit making business from the highs to the lows, gaining excellent social customer experience, community spirit and made some great friends along the way, but its time now to stop dreaming and put some of those dreams into action.

My Jewellery and Accessories dream, formed from a long term desire to find items I love, that make me feel special, admired from a far, stand out (but not too much lol), things that make a statement to me as a person in my own right, that I desired to own, that makes me smile inside when I wear it, lights up my life or a choice I've made as a gift that touches a person that receives your token gift I like that Christmas feel, Big time.

Am quite excited to get going on my dreams and turn them into reality

It's time to start our journey into creativity.

Dreams thats what lives are made for, go live yours too!

But first come over and say Hi and keep reading my blog important things matter hee hee.

Take care Kaz :-) x