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Messy Creativity

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Kaz's Art

Hi Kaz here

I set myself a challenge last week to make a gift box

I thought it would be a really good idea to have my jewellery send out to you 

in these little charming hand made gift boxes spreading a bit of my art around too

but I have since found out that I can't follow instructions

Which I thought I was really good at, actually

as being a single parent for many years I have put up many things such as wardrobes, cupboards, beds,

and a number of very hard to follow instructions that always come along with set up toys etc

so I did think I was quite a handy DIY sort of gal

maybe thats my problem I thought I knew it all already

so I just went ahead and thought on my first attempt

I would use this as my template for making more of my charming little hand made boxes

But trying to put them together was impossible!

So silly handy DIY sort of gal went back to it with the same template again to try a more tougher cardboard this time

which I glued with PVA glue (note to self get some adhesive spray glue) and decorated it with this cute shiny wrapping paper 

which i found very cute - will look the picture this will wow

then an hour later the glue still hadn't dried, my charming little hand made mess looked awful with its wrinkles everywhere!

Warning: Do Not Use PVA glue with wrapping paper (unless want a wrinkly look)

and after all that I still tried to follow it, yes i did with sticky fingers and my wrapping paper 

slowly disappearing around me

I again folded it up again and declared I was absolutely rubbish at box making lol

What a complete and utter mess

it did look a kinda cute looking mess in the now disappearing wrinkly wrapping paper

So by my third attempt I went back to the instructions I realised I had cut pieces where I should have been folding

so template number 3 was made

this time back to card I cut and tweaked and finally got a gift box "Yipeeeeee"

but not very charming 

handmade yes

and still not ready!

So for now I will continue to send out my jewellery wrapped and packed.


Shout out about any creative messes you have in the comments below

Creativity is all about having fun and carrying on 

so see you here next week      

Kaz x

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  1. Cameron McIntosh

    Kaz, you have a cool name and retro photography of your face. I saw you on quora answering about the humming sound which I get a lot. As for creative messes, if I am productive they are fine but sometimes they can perillize me. Olive in Doaktown New Brunswick Canada. I do pastel, watercolour and others. Cam

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