A Journey into Creativity

Come with me on our journey

into creativity, rediscover, expressing, exploring,

learning through research, sharing & inspiring you to thrive on your path too wherever the direction drives self expression

kazsart is a helping hand a friend along with you 

use this site as a dip in dab service like it's in line with your energy levels as a prompt, guide to be used frequently when required

There's thought prompt all around this site leading us to better ways than now 

Let's get moving with conscious change

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  1. Welcome

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    Kaz's Art

    img_20150416_154718(1)Hi and welcome

    Am Kaz just an ordinary women, mother, grandmother who lives up near a mountain in Millom, Cumbria a tiny town quite a distance

    from the Lakes, surounded by beautiful seaside and fabulous views (I will share them with you in another blog)

    and am a bit of a dreamer, I have many big dreams and ideas just like you

    but for now its just two dreams I would like to share with you

    and have looked forward to putting those dreams into action and now its time!

    time to put them out in the open and see what you and the world thinks of them

    My two dreams are:

    Dream 1 - To get creative again, with drawing, painting, making things, modelling projects, anything that gets us back into the creative mode, its time to explore, discover, learn, improve, and even inspire each other by learning to be ourselves again, creating and expressing happily, and living in the art moment.

    Dream 2 - to share Jewellery and Accessories that I love with you, that makes us feel special, admired from a far, makes us stand out (but not too much lol), pieces that make a statement to us as a person in our own right, a desire to own, that makes us smile inside when we wear them pieces, lights up our life or someones elses life, or as a choice we have made as a gift, that touches the person that receives, a bit like the Christmas feel.

    I hope you want to share my dreams with me and help bring them to life

    This is the place we will be sharing our highlights and lows, fears and feelings that may raise in taking our dreams into reality.

    Am very excited to get going on our dreams together

    and its now time to start our journey into creativity.

    Kaz :-) x