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Not making my mind up too much choices

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Funny here again at the crossroads 

Finding this one is a reoccurring problem it's a pure block.In my own case certainly become struck as mind comes to paper well website post in the overwhelming choice I become stagnant 

It's like a pause button I freeze and get no where 

How many times I have got too here this part and only a few times pushed through its been years now am not joking it is a mental block where I take no action for some reason or not 

At this time too much scope too much information and how do I portray it ? Big question am still not where I wish to be in my art no where near so this puts me off so does more and more things just I know they are going to be big regrets if I don't.  I've been putting it off too too long now in lots of ways I have had a good go on where you can find me daily at least this social media platform I have been on quite a while plodding along quite happily I do the style the questions I like answering too even though it is on deaf ears post not the time well to the ones that read me eagerly no there's a lot of them just Quora does really let you see this fairly so you have little knowledge of this part. The data insights metric not detailed enough people do read what I write as I have no problem.reading it in their answers just it's never recognised as such. This negative part has kept me back holding me back from the good stuff as they copy my stuff word for word and this has had a big impact on me. Still does if am honest it's hard to get your head around that others will steal your work. And put it up as there own ideas word for word.  Even people I have been following for years me admiring their work yeah even those ones have wrote entirely the same as me.  I have seen others writers that have the same thing happen to them.  And we are not use to this not at al! 

It has us on tenderhooks actually in my own way

Could I get around it no it's does not seem like I can just even more now which I assume is something you have to put up with which seems a bit wrong, definitely puts us creators in two minds been stuck in this matter a good while and don't be able to push my way through I will be protecting my stuff my ideas more with my own site as you write on other platforms you place everything out in the open to be allowed these are then copied ten fold.   Don't seem to be able to have the monopoly of your own thoughts anymore no someone helps themselves to thej . You're in two minds whether anyone is reading or interested whilst your not getting any feedback you realize it's not the world you know it's up for grabs where the audience isn't the best one for you.  At the moment it's the only one I've got. 

I got monetized on in Qctober last year 2022 so been on it a while year now and it's just got too over the £200 pounds mark not where I would like it just it's a start I.did start writing on there back.In 2016 got my first and only best writer in 2018 not again lol. That was no mean feat very hard work.

I closed my space 'self Junkies' a while ago now as it was just plain crazy space where I had a small system that did me quite well actually got up.too twenty two million views on my group that I could see the quora team has had updates which made it go haywire it has twenty two thousand followers when I closed it down.  It had already been pushed into a gateway where I had no control.over it which is beside the point when one person got the space that far with their hard work I decided it was time for out.  As the information the updates not to what I wanted in there it was not the space I wanted part of no more so I closed it down.  For little old me a back end DIY marketer it was a lesson well learned. I do that again it's on my own terms. I have my system so I probably can as you can read on the about page my knowledge and knowhow on social media is well read from books mostly and trial and errors, plenty of them lol.  I have worked in business for many years so the engagement there has helped.  There's a good lot more to learn as well. Which I did out of this experience and still learning my interest in human behaviour human mindsets comes on good light with this too.  Like I have become known for on there there's nowt quite as funny as folks!

back to.the mind boggles part in the indecision not knowing where to start I am declaring I am just going to start now there's been a few fresh starts around us and my family this last quarter of the year I am doing it this time I just know I I don't I probably never ever will. So am pushing on this time. 

this website may take a while to get how I wish it too be let alone look just am starting with what I've got, which isn't much expect for my website package which is quite something am going to have some fun with the creator's blocks that you add to make it more readers friendly enabling me too have my own little corner over here online. 

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