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Mon 23 Oct 2023 - business post

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So here I am.again seems like a long time has passed since I last wrote here actually posting them live even longer ago I just seem to like them up in the future some dates away never see the light of day 

Here again kinda struck in the unknown realm of not knowing what to do and where to begin 

My gap or dot I know wholeheartedly is from what I know and can draw from experience just where or how you start when you're not at the stage you want to be for public I will never know 

just am not still and time is ticking away years have passed by eight good old Facebook memory came up only the other day and let me know 

Eight years where has this time gone I don't know 

Just like watching Katy Burke the other day Facebook again she was talking about regret and that's one that does come up yeah regret not doing this thinks ago just am struck again in confirmation bias 

and it's about time pushed through is one of the items to get me out of it so today I feel like it knowing me tomorrow will be very different

so here goes 

today I am on with looking to get this website up and running so I can go live it needs some updating and improving as it always does it's very much like me a work in progress

A lot of jumps and starts then put on the back burner out the way the excuses start due to the bad health just how am I going to turn this around unless I start somewhere first 

At the moment my eyes are playing up my hands already been playing up for years and my feet and yes I will regret if I don't push through this and try to change them get them in better shape than now my back and fitness has improved just with all the activities of moving packing up now we are here and it's better than its been still sickness dizziness which I can push through before it's worse 

I do have stuff to share so why not 

Plan - this week maybe next to work on this website to get it up to scratch to go live put early November as a term to push myself not quite an actual day as I may have a lot of updates and work plus the actions needed so early it is for now see how it goes 

So start on my foundation here in the site 

Product production - still undecided e-books workbooks an app am I that ready where do you start somewhere is better then nowhere which has been my past 

Remember Will you regret it? If then take action now 

In what we can !

This post which am going to do at least work days so I have got it here ready as like a record as well as a plan and part of my journey too 

It's a start !

Going to look over my notes first and think of what I can do today

look at this website maybe start on the basic parts first make sure they're in order and crossed off my list 

Message to read and make sense 

Come on make a start 

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