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Core Value making you a priority

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Going first start with the most important one first 

And it needs to be priority 

This is the relationship we have with ourselves

Which more than often it's the least or last in some times 

Sometimes our own worst enemy within

Times we need this to sink in 

Make it us that goes to the top of our own list for giving us love that we need and deserve however you see as fit 

This is the top of our list here at kazsart of helping you with this journey at times remember to make you a priority

especially in times of discomfort those ones it's always you come first and don't let others put you off in your own comfort, always without fail put you first in these times 

There never has to be at the expense of the other no 

At the expense of you, where you are as important and fair as the other or next person in front of you and you both, put us first in times of need or discomfort place us in prority first in a manner which sees both of us in a equal fair manner 

Our brain's our bodies we are all made this way individuals etc 

It's not at a expense to make sure your own care is the prority

even the health and safety regulations reminds us here of times like this

just how many times do we actually apply it etc


or put it into action

just one to think about more don't you find

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