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  1. Jewellery Dream

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    Kaz's Art

    Dream 2 - to share Jewellery and Accessories that I love with you, that makes us feel special, admired from a far, makes us stand out (but not too much lol), pieces that make a statement to us as a person in our own right, a desire to own, that makes us smile inside when we wear them pieces, lights up our life or someones elses life, or as a choice we have made as a gift, that touches the person that receives, a bit like the Christmas feel.

    Do you often wonder if your taste is wrong?

    when out shopping for fashion do you often feel like what's on offer isn't right for you?

    in many shops around my area, we have to travel, half an hour or more to get any where around here

    and then when I do get there things just are not to my taste

    maybe am too old, or unfashionable, I don't know? 

    I tend to like the fashion in the big Supermarkets, and affordable prices

    but the well known high street stores "Just don't do anything for me" - sometimes yuk

    and come out with nothing! :(

    am in their for ideas, money to spend but come right back out again. 

    I do love the internet I must admit shopping from my armchair suits me fine

    but I do like to see, touch, feel it too, but why don't I like anything?

    So I came up with this idea to find my own choice of items I love, and searched high and low, and thought "why can't I do it?"

    test out my dream, bring something different to offer, open my own business

    my budget stinks so a physical shop is a future dream, many thoughts later came too an online shop

    a place where I can display my collection of hand picked Jewellery & Accessories that I love and hope you do too

    Kaz :-)