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  1. Hello.again about time I wrote on here again been a few days of ill health now this is one of the better days 

    Quora is my home from home really am always on there answering questions it's one of the platforms I started on trying to attract an audience which I now know that I wasted a lot of time on really waiting for them to come to me with just my odd posts of content 

    Really no direction no foundation too my website has been around for years just not doing me much good a wasted space really till now am on with a plan at last to get it up and running build my foundation as there's none 

    Back to the drawing board 


    Who is my audience who am I writing for which one I have too many things in the go at once I know I need to double down on one just that's the issue which one 

    Do I go into giving my journey into the various stages of what I've been through so I can pass it on or help people I thought I was helping people just for ages now it's just the ones who are copying of me that's all funny how they see me as someone to copy I find that quite funny! Actually! Can they see something am not ? Yeah they can am getting some results just not the ones am seeing or wanting at all.  Like before earlier on there with the narcissistic posts they tag me in all the time the troll community I have over my lifetime had over three psychologists diagnosing testing medical history evaluations one on myself, after the school's one for special needs plus a educational one for my daughters educational one too so that's over a year and a half of testing all together so you may think I would have been told that's the facts here just they continue this line of questions.  Just as you do a tiny fraction better than methey have done down on you like a ton of bricks.  They don't leave you alone the biggest sign you're on to something your own trolls out at you daily.  Am sure they do it on purpose too to put you off and carry on copying your stuff.  The worst is the platforms know about it and do little to stop it.  Creators good quality ones not going to stay around where they let it happen.  This is one big use for AI to stamp this out. The sooner it gets real the better. The fake name accounts the trolls can be under wraps I can see why it's best to go under a pay wall at least you get a bit off the ones that copy your work while they plod away.At under demeaning you daily.  It's takes it toll on normal days let alone in not so good days just you know not to give up! 

    Maybe one person will learn something from this pressure we put ourselves under all because I did well on one space in my self junkies time they won't let it go.  I have more copying then the average person so someone is listening and taking notice yeah to take it as their own.  My own time of really facing dog eat dog tactics of others turned back on us human behaviour at its worst. 

    Am more into giving credit where it's due 

    I've always seen where we learn off each other's perspective ideas and bounce of them must admit I love single white female that film was one that studden me watching it now am subject it at least daily well known people too.  Am just a ordinary person too. That likes finding solutions to every day problems people ones like human development. I find it fascinating always have that's not going to change I've been into changing human behaviour for a long long time most of my life I've been working on stuff deciding whether it's useful has took a age and a half to see especially as I have been doing a bit here a bit there nothing consistent expect showing up on quora which I am not giving up.

    I will find a way 

    If it's the last thing I do! Ha ha am kind of a crazy tunes type of character just more the tortoise type that slows observes till I am ready to take action !

    So here goes if you do get anything out of this please do get in touch I do need some links on the missing parts please do contact me over here 

  2. Funny here again at the crossroads 

    Finding this one is a reoccurring problem it's a pure block.In my own case certainly become struck as mind comes to paper well website post in the overwhelming choice I become stagnant 

    It's like a pause button I freeze and get no where 

    How many times I have got too here this part and only a few times pushed through its been years now am not joking it is a mental block where I take no action for some reason or not 

    At this time too much scope too much information and how do I portray it ? Big question am still not where I wish to be in my art no where near so this puts me off so does more and more things just I know they are going to be big regrets if I don't.  I've been putting it off too too long now in lots of ways I have had a good go on where you can find me daily at least this social media platform I have been on quite a while plodding along quite happily I do the style the questions I like answering too even though it is on deaf ears post not the time well to the ones that read me eagerly no there's a lot of them just Quora does really let you see this fairly so you have little knowledge of this part. The data insights metric not detailed enough people do read what I write as I have no problem.reading it in their answers just it's never recognised as such. This negative part has kept me back holding me back from the good stuff as they copy my stuff word for word and this has had a big impact on me. Still does if am honest it's hard to get your head around that others will steal your work. And put it up as there own ideas word for word.  Even people I have been following for years me admiring their work yeah even those ones have wrote entirely the same as me.  I have seen others writers that have the same thing happen to them.  And we are not use to this not at al! 

    It has us on tenderhooks actually in my own way

    Could I get around it no it's does not seem like I can just even more now which I assume is something you have to put up with which seems a bit wrong, definitely puts us creators in two minds been stuck in this matter a good while and don't be able to push my way through I will be protecting my stuff my ideas more with my own site as you write on other platforms you place everything out in the open to be allowed these are then copied ten fold.   Don't seem to be able to have the monopoly of your own thoughts anymore no someone helps themselves to thej . You're in two minds whether anyone is reading or interested whilst your not getting any feedback you realize it's not the world you know it's up for grabs where the audience isn't the best one for you.  At the moment it's the only one I've got. 

    I got monetized on in Qctober last year 2022 so been on it a while year now and it's just got too over the £200 pounds mark not where I would like it just it's a start I.did start writing on there back.In 2016 got my first and only best writer in 2018 not again lol. That was no mean feat very hard work.

    I closed my space 'self Junkies' a while ago now as it was just plain crazy space where I had a small system that did me quite well actually got up.too twenty two million views on my group that I could see the quora team has had updates which made it go haywire it has twenty two thousand followers when I closed it down.  It had already been pushed into a gateway where I had no control.over it which is beside the point when one person got the space that far with their hard work I decided it was time for out.  As the information the updates not to what I wanted in there it was not the space I wanted part of no more so I closed it down.  For little old me a back end DIY marketer it was a lesson well learned. I do that again it's on my own terms. I have my system so I probably can as you can read on the about page my knowledge and knowhow on social media is well read from books mostly and trial and errors, plenty of them lol.  I have worked in business for many years so the engagement there has helped.  There's a good lot more to learn as well. Which I did out of this experience and still learning my interest in human behaviour human mindsets comes on good light with this too.  Like I have become known for on there there's nowt quite as funny as folks!

    back to.the mind boggles part in the indecision not knowing where to start I am declaring I am just going to start now there's been a few fresh starts around us and my family this last quarter of the year I am doing it this time I just know I I don't I probably never ever will. So am pushing on this time. 

    this website may take a while to get how I wish it too be let alone look just am starting with what I've got, which isn't much expect for my website package which is quite something am going to have some fun with the creator's blocks that you add to make it more readers friendly enabling me too have my own little corner over here online. 

  3. Funny asked about being spontaneous who me? No way 

    Thinking about it now another one I should add to a weekly challenge to do one a week maybe something I would never do, push my boundaries no restrictions which I have with OCD we do It's part and parcel

    Do wonder how worse I would be if I lived alone not in the cards as such 

    Busy yesterday just back on here today am having problems with the address something to check with the admin staff when I've finished my changes maybe take it off for now yeah I might untick that box until it's correct to do!

    Foundation in place took the business page off for now placed it on the footer as extra pages I do intend to put stuff in there including these notes (not that any one would want these ha ha) 

    Foundation reads a bit odd in places so going to have another go and try to get the message clear more so it's easy to pick up what I do here 

    Work on our restrictions is that the theme? Not sure yet 

    Focus more on the audience the customer what they want 


    Podcast information that came yesterday looks promising may try that audio with more personal photos around of things for reference not sure I will do video a bit maybe to see, get the feel of it at least have a go.  Bit of spontaneous action for me lol don't know maybe!

    Am not sure where to focus first what do I solve first I have a few areas I've worked on myself what type of structure do you want like I have said a dip and dab type conversation style if I can 

    Have to cement my foundation in 

    Set it down along with the roots and then the spring leads sprouts yeah I will do this too plus the pointers the buds to do 

    Remember it has to make sense not the chaos of your mind! Calm it down keep it down to earth !

    Well more work on the website first 

    Thoughts into the products want quick results quick outcomes change and see it in place that I have done just do it for others now 

    Had a issue with the stealing from you still can't get my head around how much people read you, take it and use it in there own even word for word I've seen that takes a bit of getting used too, they don't give you credit it's for their own use they do not have real accounts too the amount of made up names in take accounts is disgusting disturbing in my thinking and no one does anything to stop this.  Does make me see I want real people real accounts to help serve not these ones on quora 

    Just I either have the option to not do this at all or carry on and get the real audience I can provide real help too.  These steals are there whether I like it or not and going to continue be there now too.  I have saw a lot of writers leave due to this I haven't yet it has and does continue to happen just my desire to help over pushes it more 

    Just it takes some getting used too more funny bits about ourselves without the bullying the trolls the only ones who do comment it seems little good ones 

    Do see lots of people turning comments off just that also stops the conversatios stops the work at times as it makes us question our motive for doing this help is not forthcoming in my own observations there's tons of sabotaging of others which is odd not nice either the push through long winded too very long journey on your own it's not thick skin that's needed.

    The whole time I've been in social media platforms that journey has been a very long haul one still not there or working just carry on or give up our options I can see the ripples am making just for me myself I have more resistance less actions which is working in there favour if we think about it. The pushing they do is working on my thinking, why a foundation is important now to my work or all I put out is for nothing 

    I have these insights that have worked for myself want others not to suffer as we have before you and I am after that helping if it can if one person sees there link here they needed that makes me smile so it is worth sticking around

    Opportunity is just out of sight not knocking whoever said that is another upsides down reflection as it's us that have to do the knocking with every part we can! It does not come to us 

    I understand understood children absorb what we do to learn just the copy steal thing don't let it get you down! And one thing to take away from it they see your work as value, quite valuable actually to take it as there own and we know with children they have to come back to you. Return to you as part two there clueless about as much as part one they are so get ready for when they come back. 

    I do write on quora daily if you want to check me out. Would like some real honest people over there shame we can't stamp the trolls out maybe one day the platform makers will see that the creator's are who they want to stick around maybe one day they're going to see the creator's value I do see this over at youtube channels just me and video ha another thing not me. Can't stand having a photo lol. Another reason to get out of our own way sometimes don't know what's around the corner maybe one day ha ha (one for the spontaneous week task when I get the courage in check. 

    Told you am quite shy in person just I can ramble a bit too much at times too. Like now am well off track now off topic too let's get back to the foundation. 

    Some of my plans so far what I want for this space 

    Definitely some where we can get together and have a daily chat not a deep one I do want them separately from this so topics and subjects in place too for deep conversations maybe even private and personal ones too I know messages on Facebook are a great way for that so maybe look towards that some one on one text chats with me 

    Like Facebook in the real accounts too so can see heading that way in some group's maybe something to think about 

    I know where I live social networking is subject to public houses pubs nothing much in our area just networking online is so much easier might just do that have a go or this website too have to see how it works have a go 

    Yeah talking about problems issues maybe a good idea plus some structure ones too like in the work I have done myself like get rid of these mental blocks

    Am going to do a email subscribers too if anyone's interested in this too please fill out the form and be added to my list for kazsart here or for business emails just click this link


  4. So here I am.again seems like a long time has passed since I last wrote here actually posting them live even longer ago I just seem to like them up in the future some dates away never see the light of day 

    Here again kinda struck in the unknown realm of not knowing what to do and where to begin 

    My gap or dot I know wholeheartedly is from what I know and can draw from experience just where or how you start when you're not at the stage you want to be for public I will never know 

    just am not still and time is ticking away years have passed by eight good old Facebook memory came up only the other day and let me know 

    Eight years where has this time gone I don't know 

    Just like watching Katy Burke the other day Facebook again she was talking about regret and that's one that does come up yeah regret not doing this thinks ago just am struck again in confirmation bias 

    and it's about time pushed through is one of the items to get me out of it so today I feel like it knowing me tomorrow will be very different

    so here goes 

    today I am on with looking to get this website up and running so I can go live it needs some updating and improving as it always does it's very much like me a work in progress

    A lot of jumps and starts then put on the back burner out the way the excuses start due to the bad health just how am I going to turn this around unless I start somewhere first 

    At the moment my eyes are playing up my hands already been playing up for years and my feet and yes I will regret if I don't push through this and try to change them get them in better shape than now my back and fitness has improved just with all the activities of moving packing up now we are here and it's better than its been still sickness dizziness which I can push through before it's worse 

    I do have stuff to share so why not 

    Plan - this week maybe next to work on this website to get it up to scratch to go live put early November as a term to push myself not quite an actual day as I may have a lot of updates and work plus the actions needed so early it is for now see how it goes 

    So start on my foundation here in the site 

    Product production - still undecided e-books workbooks an app am I that ready where do you start somewhere is better then nowhere which has been my past 

    Remember Will you regret it? If then take action now 

    In what we can !

    This post which am going to do at least work days so I have got it here ready as like a record as well as a plan and part of my journey too 

    It's a start !

    Going to look over my notes first and think of what I can do today

    look at this website maybe start on the basic parts first make sure they're in order and crossed off my list 

    Message to read and make sense 

    Come on make a start 

  5. Going first start with the most important one first 

    And it needs to be priority 

    This is the relationship we have with ourselves

    Which more than often it's the least or last in some times 

    Sometimes our own worst enemy within

    Times we need this to sink in 

    Make it us that goes to the top of our own list for giving us love that we need and deserve however you see as fit 

    This is the top of our list here at kazsart of helping you with this journey at times remember to make you a priority

    especially in times of discomfort those ones it's always you come first and don't let others put you off in your own comfort, always without fail put you first in these times 

    There never has to be at the expense of the other no 

    At the expense of you, where you are as important and fair as the other or next person in front of you and you both, put us first in times of need or discomfort place us in prority first in a manner which sees both of us in a equal fair manner 

    Our brain's our bodies we are all made this way individuals etc 

    It's not at a expense to make sure your own care is the prority

    even the health and safety regulations reminds us here of times like this

    just how many times do we actually apply it etc


    or put it into action

    just one to think about more don't you find